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Monday, 5 March 2012

DIY Static Grass Applicator - Health Warning

hot wire cutterWant to make your own static grass applicator?

There are two published methods. One uses a negative ion generator and the other an electric fly swat conversion. I choose the latter as the parts were readily available from my local hardware store.

Search in YouTube for a video on how to make your own. The conversion of the electric fly swat is straight forward. Apart from the fly swat you need a metal tea strainer, croc clip, wire, two batteries and some initiative to connect the tea strainer to the electronics.

The parts for mine cost about £8 all in. You can buy a ready made versions for between £15 and £25. Here is one.

On the fly swat handle was the warning shown in the photo above. This is no joke. I inadvertently put my skin between the croc. clip and metal tea strainer with the thing turned on and gave myself a belt of electricity that felt as strong as a shock off the mains!

Static Grass is a plastic flock type material that accepts a static charge. The electric field of the device makes the grass stand on end when it is sieved through the tea strainer.

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