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Thursday, 14 October 2010

DIY 4mm/00 people - Part 3

clay manMaking the torso from a solid block does not give sufficient control over the shape. Take small, thin slithers of clay and build up layers on the skeleton to form the torso. This is my top tip because it gives you greatest control in shaping the body. I found this part of the build quite relaxing and therapeutic.

The arms are made the same way. (If the arms were outstretched then make as legs). The legs are rods of clay that are pushed along the skeleton legs.

I should say something about the cooking heat and times:

balding manHead Mould: 20 mins @ 150c
Head (cooked 3 times in all) 10mins ea. @ 150c.
Body with head: 10mins @ 150c

Painting was with Humbol matt enamels. It does a good job of covering scratches and blemishes.

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Anonymous said...

Well done!

You must have excellent eyes and small fingers!

David Smith said...

No, A b***** big magnifying glass and sharp scalpel. The wire fixing post is a good holding point.

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