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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Peter Denny Video

Fans of the famous railway modeller Peter Denny will know that he passed away in December 2009 aged 92. He was a great inspiration for my own modelling activity. I followed his articles in 'Railway Modeller' magazine and bought his 1972 book 'Buckingham Great Central'. On a recent visit to Expo EM I had the unexpected privilege to see a small diorama he built that was displayed on the Pendon stand. The realistic detail of the scratch built model surpassed my expectation because old black and white photos of his work does not really give the models justice. If his model railway is as good as this then whoever takes it over will be blessed with a wonderful scene.

Today, I came across a news item from BBC Cornwall that included a video in which Peter Denny himself relaid his thoughts on the subject and described some aspects of his model.


steve owens said...

absolutely fantastic, steve owens.

steve owens said...

rev was my hero

Mike Lathbury said...

Peter Denny was one of the great engineers of model railways

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