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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Invalid Car 4mm Scale Model - Part 4

model invalid carPaul Bartlett's photo (ref. part 3) posed a dilemma for me. It shows a pre-1963 car with side mounted indicator lights. Cars from at least 1964 onwards had the indicators integrated into a cluster with the brake lights on the rear. Which should I model since I don't know the year they changed the design? The location of Paul's photo is unknown, may not even be the Southern. I opted for the later period since I have photos of the cars ready for dispatch at Broad Clyst in 1964. Unfortunately, the 1962 photo of the train conveying the car is too distant to show its details. (ref.part 1).

So, here is the finished item, all trussed up ready for transportation.


Headlights: Bodged fence post from an old Airfix kit.
Front indicators: 0.6mm wire
Door handles: 0.6mm wire
Rear light cluster: material as headlights.
Petrol cap: mushroom vent from a coach kit
Number plates: black paper - too small to add registration details
Wing mirrors: dressmaking pins with a bulbous end that is filed flat(ish)
Exhaust Silencer: cocktail stick

The window glass was particularly tricky to cut and fit. I declined to fabricate the single windscreen wiper, which would have to be a hair at this scale!

Now to add the truck to the freight train. Photo should appear on my website soon. (link top right)

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