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Friday, 5 February 2021

A Lorry for Corona Quay

My initial search only discoverd a couple of manufacturers of highly detailed British lorries from the 1950-1970 period.

I quite like the Shapeways offerings but when I found the IXO Ford Thames ET6 in British Railways livery I felt that would be ideal. I found and bought a new model from an Ebay seller at a price much cheaper than Hattons. In fact the range of prices for new models from a variety of Ebay sellers is quite wide at £30 to £70 for this truck. 

It looks the part but don't look too closely as it is left hand drive! Clearly IXO used  parts from their other continental models. I would like to swap the driving position but have not found how to remove the cab for access. Anyone know?

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I have provided web links below to suppliers that offer 1:43 lorry and van models, many of which fit the period.





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