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Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Project 20 - 0 Gauge Layout - Part 5

The layout will be analogue powered (DC). I intend to use a cassette system in the fiddle yard and power for the entire layout will connect to the rail ends within a cassette by means of crocodile clips.

When a cassette is brought into play power is conveyed to the scenic tracks via copper wire plungers and connecting rings, as shown in the photo for a 00 gauge layout. I have used this method successfully on two layouts thus far.

I am not using rail joiners for electrical connectivity of track in the scenic area. Each turnout and straight track section will be wired to a bus bar beneath the baseboard. Hence everything is live except some sidings will have isolation switches so that a locomotive can be held whilst another is run.

This photo shows the bus bar made from two lengths of 13 amp copper wire for feed and return. The wire being stripped from insulated cable. They are held in place with 3D printed straps glued to the baseboard underside.

Inter board feed and return connection will be via the metal joining hinges, obviating the need for plug, socket and cable between the boards.

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