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Thursday 19 April 2018

LSWR No. 1 Goods Shed - 2

I noticed that the window frames of the prototype are set midway between the front and back of the stone wall blocks. The method used to represent this on the model was to sandwich the window frames between an outer and inner wall. This might be considered an overkill, but as all my constructions use the same board thickness of 0.75 mm then the double wall method benefits from greater building rigidity.

A copy of the stone paper overlay was used to create the white washed internal walls by adjusting colour brightness, contrast and saturation.

There are two canopies to design and make. On the original prototype these were supported by roof beams that spanned the entire building width extending beyond the side walls. The canopies, beams, rafters and roof will be built as one assembly that can be easily removed from the building to view the interior and populate it with goods and figures etc. But, the next job will be to design and build the internal platform.

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