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Friday, 9 February 2018

4mm Scale Corfe Castle Station Building - 6

The cross wing is the second module to be designed and built. It now joins the gable end module to complete the station master's residence.

The tricky part of the model cross wing design was the dormer window. It looks a complicated construction in photographs of the prototype because it cuts into the roof and has two rafters poking through its fascia that are on a different incline to the rest. It took some thought to come up with a simple construction method for the model.

Now for what is probably the most distinctive architectural feature on the platform side of the building - the highly ornate barge board. The graphic design for this was created over a photograph of the actual barge board at Swanage Station, being the same style as Corfe Castle Station (well very nearly the same. If you can spot the difference write it in the comment box and give yourself a doughnut).

The two drain pipes on the right hand side are temporarily placed and will be truncated to direct the rain they carry onto the canopy drainage gully, when that is built.

The design and build time of the cross wing was about half that of the gable end as I was able to duplicate or adapt some of its design elements.

Whilst this piece is about one third of the entire station building it seems to me that it could stand on its own as a fine Victorian detached house for either station masters or, the general public :)

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