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Saturday, 20 January 2018

Project 18 - Embellishments

30 x fish crates just like that.

Lobster pots were a bit more involved to make. I looked at proprietary models but they appeared to be a block of material with dimples to represent netting - not ideal.

I wanted a mesh netting with 0.5 to 1mm holes and found this at Sainsbury's supermarket in the form of laundry bags, specifically Korband laundry bags two per pack.

I 3D printed the hoops and base in plastic and stuck these together. The size of pot is 8 mm x 6 mm x 4 mm. A strip of mesh 7 mm wide was wrapped around a pin and pushed through the hoops fixing in place with two drops of glue after pin was removed. The ends were glued to mesh that was then cut around when dry. The finished pots were painted with acrylic paint.

I intended to make 30 pots but the assembly is so tedious I only made 24.

Fishing nets were made for the Trawler using the same mesh product painted with acrylics.

That almost finishes the project. I shall add people to the scene, to be purchased at the EM gauge show in May.

About a month's hobby time was required to make the diorama.

It is worth reflecting on the value of such a small project that on the face of it has no other purpose than eye candy.

  • A diorama is a good way of experimenting with new modelling techniques before embarking on a larger project The methods used here of embedding rails in the ground and modelling water and lobster pots were new to me.
  • The finished scene can be used for photo sessions of various railway wagons and locomotives on the jetty.
  • Various scenes can be created using people, goods and maybe seagulls.
THE END (for now)

Mmm... How about sound effects with a sound chip and speaker hidden inside the jetty?

To Part 9.

To Part 1.

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