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Sunday, 16 February 2014

3D Factory Windows

Sixteen 'N' gauge factory windows 3D printed.

The glazing bars were designed to be 0.25mm wide but actually vary between 0.5mm and 0.9mm!. This is really pushing the limits of the machine. With more adjustment and trials greater accuracy could be obtained as the printing resolution is specified as 0.1mm *. As it is these are not perfect but are fit for purpose. They will be appearing on Thornycroft building #8, which I'll blog shortly.

Obtaining a 3D printer is only part of the story. To create original models we need to design them using a CAD application that outputs stereo lithography files (.stl). These then need to be converted with a 'Slicer' application into machine readable G code files.

* 0.1mm is the layer height. The ejector nozzel is 0.5mm so, this is the smallest width possible. Smaller nozzels are available I understand.

To Part 5 (Making an 'N' gauge Thornycroft J Class lorry).

To Part 1.

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