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Saturday 21 May 2011

Trackwork - Part 3

My objectives in improving the look of the Peco Code 75 turnout can be summarised as follows:
  • Infill the missing sleeper portions
  • Eliminate the large block
  • Cover holes in sleepers and tiebar
  • Retain finger operation of turnout switch, i.e. the Peco sprung locking mechanism
  • Retain Peco point motor fixing points and control
  • And this is the big one - be able to easily retrofit the original mechanics without recourse to glue etc. This is just a safeguard in case it all went belly up and if I ever sell the turnout it's a nice thought that I can rebuild it pretty much back to the original.
To remind you of the offending parts of the turnout:

And here is the modified turnout that meets all the stated objectives.
There are special methods used in this conversion that aid the retrofit of the original mechanics. It just so happens that they also make the conversion straightforward and a delight to undertake.

Photo below shows spring retention bar.

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