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Monday, 7 January 2013

LSWR Signal Box Lever Frame

lever frameHere is the lever frame for the new signal box (previous posting). It is loosely based on the Stevens Frame in common use on the L&SWR.

This was the third attempt at devising a paper and card construction method that can be made without too much difficulty. Even so, these are very small parts and a bit fiddly to assemble. (Levers are 15mm tall and 1mm wde).

There are 5 parts to the build:
  • the frame base plate
  • convex slotted frame overlay and foot board
  • row of levers in 'Normal' position
  • row of levers in 'Off' position
  • lever identification plates.
The frame looks operational but is entirely cosmetic - levers do not move.

There is a useful site about lever colours here.

To Part 3

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Tim Hale said...

That is very fine, is this the subject of a kit?

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