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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Model Railway Constructor Oct 1985

I was thumbing through my vast collection of mags. for a 'how to ..' article on LSWR luggage barrows (to no avail) and came across this magazine: http://www.payhost.net/modelling/acatalog/MRC_October_1985.html.

I remember when I purchased it in October 1985 (90 pence) how struck I was by the well staged cover picture showing a model station building that was full of character. Now, this was a time of transition in the model railway magazine world from the dominance of monochrome pictures to a sprinkling of colour. Something that was a revelation and widely welcomed by enthusiasts at the time and I dare say also boosted sales.

My search for a luggage barrow was distracted whilst I settled down to re-read the article. Unusually, there is a paragraph that explains in some length how the photographs were taken.

"These (photos) were taken in natural daylight by one (club) member with the rest of us moving the layout around to suit the shadows and struggling to hold the back scenes up at the right height. This latter is important when trying to get eye-level shots.."

The paragraph then goes on to explain the roll film cameras, film and developer used finishing up with:

"..Some (photos) are double printed to give a sky background"

How times have changed in model photography since 1985. But, despite advances in techniques the layout photos were just as well staged for that article as we see today. And that is no surprise when you find out who is credited with the photos.
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