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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Famous Photo Spot Ruined

battledown flyover Battledown Flyover - the gateway to the west, is a popular spot for railway photography.

Hitherto a rickety, rusty low fence overgrown with vegetation separated the railway from the public footpath. Selective spots along it exhibited vegetation trampled down or cut back by the many photographers who have chosen this area next to the old fence for their locomotive shoots.

It was possible to quite easily set up a shot of Southampton bound trains and long shots were possible from within the adjoining field.

Now this is the scene that greets us. The London Southampton line is the lower level totally obscured. New fencing on both sides of a newly laid cycle & foot path means only trains on the higher flyover track can be snapped without obstruction. Very few photographers carried a step ladder to aid their setup in the past. It is now an essential tool to raise yourself above the level of the 6 foot fence.

battledown flyoverThis is the view of the Exeter - Waterloo line that passes under the flyover. No opportunity here to photograph trains storming out from under the flyover.

I question whether it is worth photographing trains on the flyover at all now with this fence and a cell phone mast dominating.

Still, the refurbished path is now a lovely, civilised route for walkers and cyclists, created with health & safety in mind. Only thing is the Council forgot the rubbish bins. Dropped litter is already taking hold.
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