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Sunday, 8 December 2019

0 Gauge Class 33 Scratch Build - Part 9

Since I started my 0 gauge journey back in March I have waited for the Guildford 0 Gauge Group Trade Show to come around on 7th December. Being a beginner in 0 Gauge I was keen to see what was on offer and I had a small list of items to buy.

It was held at the Rivermead Leisure Complex in Reading. The first thing to say is that it has a large Pay and Display car park but only two ticket machines in operation! Consequently 15 minutes was wasted standing in line to get a ticket. At least the first 3 hours are free of charge. Ample time to peruse the show.

The attendance was very high. 0 gauge seems to be popular, unless it was busy because the show is held only once a year. Well over 100 trade stands occupied by businesses large and small.  Surely I could get everything on my list? What struck me was the extent of locomotives and rolling stock available, both RTR and kits. I think these dominated the show. Surprisingly, there were few stands offering track work. I was after some Peco code 124 rail - none available. I did find a loco crew for my Terrier, some electrical connectors and most important of all BR loco green paint for my Class 33. I looked at Phoenix Paint offerings, my fist choice, but their green paint and spray thinners together were more expensive that the RailMatch spray can I found on another stand. This product was purchased and I am happy with its colour match and quality.

The end of the class 33  project is now in sight and I can count down the remaining tasks.
  • Apply a coach line
  • Apply BR totem and numbers
  • Make and fix windscreen wipers
  • Make and fix side window glass and frames
  • Anything else I have not thought of.
To Part 10.

To Part 1 of this series.  

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