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Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Project 20 - 0 Gauge Layout - Part 3

Straight track is made from PECO code 124 Bullhead rail and home made 3D printed sleepers with integral chairs. The sleepers are created in blocks of four to span a 60 foot track section.

These photos do not show chair detail well due to the black colouration. Suffice to say that with an 0.2mm print layer the stratification is noticeable resulting in a crude finish compared to proprietary injection moulded items. Once installed on the layout the track will be weathered in lighter colours, which will show the chairs better. I am guessing the crude finish will not be too noticeable from normal viewing distance. Interesting to note that whilst 0 gauge is 1.75 larger than 00 there are still small parts with details that are barely noticeable.

The integral wooden keys deformed significantly during print. This was overcome by extending the key to give a good print run with a vertical support at the end to stop droop. The support and extended key was then cut away as shown by the far right chair.

Note that the plastic layering on the sleepers gives a wood grain effect.

At each end of the 60' section the sleepers are spaced as the prototype. I decided not to cut the yard of PECO rail at scale 60'. If clickety click sound of wheels  passing over the 'join' is wanted then a nick could be cut in the top of the rail.

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