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Wednesday 30 December 2015

Project 16 - Misterton Rebuild

My Misterton layout was originally built in the 1980s as an end to end mainline station over 12 feet. (Misterton is based on Crewkerne station on the L&SWR mainline in Somerset). In 2008 I added more baseboards to make a continuous loop. For it to work I had to turn the layout through 180 degrees, which meant viewing it from the operators side where remnants of non scenic fiddle yards at each end are in full view. Scenically it gives an unfinished look. More critically it limits the length of the station platforms. The scenery is also looking tired after 30 odd years and the track is code 100 whereas the other side of the layout (Hewish Gates) is code 75. All this points to reasons for an uplift.

My plan is to rebuild the layout and lay the track on a transition curve. The platforms follow this gentle curve achieving more length than a conventional lozenge shape with straight sides. This is nothing new and is commonly practised by other modellers.

I drew a track plan and discovered that the transition curve also gives room for extra sidings, something else that Misterton currently lacks.

The new asymmetric 3-way turnout and original single slip on the mainline are as Crewkerne but the rest of the track layout is a stripped down version of the prototype. The existing buildings and some scenic elements will be reused.

I plan to finish the rebuild within a year.  Progress will be reported here under the label 'Project16'. My postings will include modelling techniques, which may be of interest to my Blog Followers.

To Part 2.


Little Broe said...

Hi Dave you might find Anyrail 5 freeware software good to plan your new track layout, it features peco and C & L finescale track. https://www.anyrail.com/download_en.html

Unknown said...

Hi Dave, just chiming in with a thumbs up for Trevor's recommendation re Anyway, freeware version has a few limits but is easily enough for this and would be more accurate than hand-drawing. Will be good to watch the "uplift" progress.

David Smith said...

Welcome along for the ride. I'll try and post progress weekly. If I was starting afresh on a larger layout I probably would use a software planning tool like Anyway.

Unknown said...

Ah, the ardent cry of all railway modellers - a larger layout, LOL. You mention the original was 12ft and you added more boards, how big is it now?

David Smith said...

Misterton then and now 12' x 2'.
Hewish Gates: 12' x 1'.
Both joined by non scenic 800mm curves.

My reference to 'larger layout' meant a more complex track plan rather than more area.

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