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Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Project 20 - 0 Gauge Layout - Part 2

The layout will be a water side setting. I considered a harbour and canal but am now favouring a tidal river. The track plan requires six turnouts (four Y and two LH). The key element is the passing loop in the middle, which enhances operation by enabling the train to propel wagons from either end within the scene.

Five of the turnouts will be buried in a tarmac surface. Proprietary, fully sleepered turnouts would be an over kill here. Cost savings should be possible if a make the buried turnouts as I only need the rail with a stripped down track base made from wood or plastic. With this in mind I also decided to fabricate the wooden sleepered track of the entry turnout and branch line. Making the sleepered turnout is far less expensive than using a proprietary item but cost savings for a DIY straight track are insignificant and only worth considering if either you have cosmetic issues with proprietary track or enjoy making your own.

I obtained turnout templates from PECO and TIMBERTRACKS. The latter may be more prototypical but they are longer than PECO making the short sidings far to short. I settled on the PECO templates. The shortest siding is about 40cm long. This is sufficient for holding either two wagons or, one wagon and a tank engine without encroaching on the turnout.

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