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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Project 16 - Up Platform Furniture

Starting at the east end of the platform we have mother and children (Airfix). The girl with her teddy bear keen to hang onto mum's hand and the boy more aloof transfixed on engine workings.

On the platform ramp is a notice board instructing passengers to cross via the bridge.

The Southern barley twist lamp comprises lamp and plinth cut from Airfix station lamp posts, the barley twist post is twisted wire and the swan neck lamp holder is copper wire.

To the side of the signal cabin is a rack of red fire buckets (not seen in photos here).

Moving along we have a group of figures. The Station Master looking at his pocket watch (because the next train is late) comes from the Modelu range. A truly life like pose, as are all from this range, that is due to them being 3D printed from a 360 degree scan of a real person, (from the Severn Valley Railway I believe).

Almost as good is the Porter (Peco) whereas the sitting public look stuffed (Airfix woman and Peco man) or are they sunning themselves on this hot summer day?

The seat is made from copper wire and is a a copy of the one at Crewkerne in this position in the 1960s.

The next photo shows that I have moved the footbridge from its previous location next to the signal cabin to beside the bridge. It has resulted in quite a busy scene but completely authentic as this is where it was placed at Crewkerne. My footbridge style is different, being based on Axminster. The main reason I moved it here though  is because next to the signal box it obscured the signalman's view along the track!

Regrettably this move has destroyed a little cameo scene I had set up from real life, of which more when I present the down platform furniture.

The man (Airfix) is about to open the door to enter the lavatory.

Finally, at the far west end of the platform hidden from view on the other side of the road bridge are the lovers (Peco) on a LSWR style bench made from copper wire.

Next is the station name board (matchsticks and card) and another lamp post.

I just realised I need to make another notice board for this end of the platform instructing passengers to cross via the footbridge. I also need to obtain more luggage barrows.

To Part 26.

To Part 1.

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