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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Project 16 - Station Master's Garden

All except the grass and soil are reclaimed from the previous build.I may as well repeat the details that I first posted in 2011.

" Next a spot of gardening. There is no better material to represent nature than nature itself. That is not to say it is the only material I use, far from it. But, wherever possible I use real flora - end of season, dead, stiff and brown. "

" We have two rows of carnations grown for decorating the waiting room and to provide button holes for staff. 1960s is probably a bit late for this kind of touch but I like the thought. The stems are dead pine needles split down the middle, grouped, dabbed into PVA glue and placed in position. Aquilegia seeds are applied as flower heads - any seed will do and to be honest I'm not convinced it is necessary. Anyway, place a blob of PVA in your palm, sprinkle on the seeds, mix up well with a finger and wipe the finger along the top of the pine needles to deposit the seeds in a random fashion. When dry paint appropriately. "

" Next we have the obligatory cabbages and runner beans that most model railways seem to have. The cabbages are the base of spent aquilegia seed pods that even have a stem and heart! The runner bean poles are painted galvanised wire with Woodland Scenic flock glued to them to represent runner beans. "

" The shrubs next to the fence are very small clumps of lichen with a little Woodland Scenics flock covering."

" This is the view from the back door. Two concrete pillars in the lawn hold a washing line and a long pole props the line high to keep washing off the ground. The grass is flock paper. The small tree is made from yarrow. Its seed pod 'leaves' have been supplemented with a small amount of Woodland Scenics mat spread over. "  

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