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Friday, 25 August 2017

Experimental Coach Passengers

Peco once marketed graphic card sheets of 4mm scale coach interiors for Kitmaster coaches, including (not very realistic) seated passengers. I experimented with a DIY design approach for seated passenger. Here is the finished result and construction details:

It must be said that the form of these people are flattish compared to three dimensional plastic models. However, I feel they are passable as they are to a large extent obscured inside the coach body but visible enough for us to see the coach is occupied.

 Step 1

Obtain photographs of period men's or women's fashion. Choose one of a person shown full frontal ideally with legs together and hands at waist level.

Step 2

Using your favourite computer graphics editing Application set for 300 dpi cut the person from the background and scale to 4mm scale. If the legs are wide apart use the Application tools to move them together. Create a duplicate of the person, flip vertical and move it up until the two heads just touch. Cut the duplicate body away at chest level. Using the Application paintbrush tools paint over the duplicated face and shoulders to create a rear view.

Step 3

Print on standard copier 80gsm paper. Cut the person out using a very sharp pointed blade keeping close to the outline of the body to avoid including the white background.

Step 4

Cut a length of solid, thin copper wire a little shorter than the person height and glue to the rear of the person aong the spine. Fold over the duplicated part and glue in place.

Step 5

Bend the person at the waist and knee for a seated position. Gently press back the edges of the Torso and Head to give some bulk to the upper body.


A J said...

A neat idea, and inexpensive too.

David Smith said...


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