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Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Project 20 - 0 Gauge Layout - Part 14

A second building for the dockyard is McBoaty Marine Engineers. Seeking another quick build I came across a free building kit, this time from 3dk. Whilst suitable, their copyright does not allow modification so. it is a non starter for me. I had to find another.

The February 1986 issue of Practical Model Railways magazine has a plan for a small building that has some merit as my marine engineers building. The plan is of a narrow gauge locomotive shed repurposed as a cow shed after the railway closed.

The building was scaled up from the 4mm scale plan to 7mm and designed in a graphic editing application.

Following the success of the last build using corrugated cardboard the same was used here. Internal decoration is provided and an office with desk, that is a scaled up version of that used in my 00 gauge goods shed kit. The office can be glimpsed through the windows and if lighting was fitted may become more obvious.

The purlins shown in the photo are balsa wood and are the foundation for faux galvanised steel corrugated panels.

I kept the tall 'loco entrance doors' on the basis that small cruisers or small masted yachts can be entered for repair.

The corrugated roof panels are 3D printed by myself and coloured with acrylics . Rust here and there is achieved by sponge dabbing. Quite pleased with the effect.

To Part 15.

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