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Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Project 20 - 0 Gauge Layout - Part 6

Turnouts that are to be tarmacked over have a solid plywood base instead of individual sleepers. To lay the rails in the correct place I traced the rails of a Peco template using pencil and baking parchment; turned over the parchment and pencilled over the rails, which leaves rail marks on the plywood. This one is a Y style so orientation is not an issue as it is symmetrical.

Brass plates were soldered to the rails and then superglued to the plywood. Sometimes the glue would break free due to stress. I discovered that applying a hot soldering iron to a plate for a few seconds affects the glue in such a way that it bonds even stronger than before! This does give rise to a plume of superglue smoke that causes severe stinging of eyes and nose. This is not a method to adopt unless a mask is worn and the head kept away from the plume.

There is a second rail running alongside the running rails throughout. This is an edging barrier for the tarmac and also serves as a guard rail at the frog end. This second rail is 3D printed plastic for economy.

The stretcher bar and switch control area are treated with normal sleepers and between the switch blades here will be a 'wooden' platform instead of tarmac. This will be removable for maintenance.

To Part 7.

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