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Friday, 19 July 2019

0 Gauge Conflat A Wagon

There are variants of the Conflat all looking the same except for component style details like buffers and brakes. I did not have a drawing of it but found one here that is a modified version for 'speed freight' containers. It is not the speed freight version that I modelled but the chassis is identical (me thinks) and the scale drawing was most useful in setting dimensions for the model. Photographs on the web also helped in the model design.

It should be a simple construction but I made a rod for my back by installing the more complex Clasp Brake (dummy) mechanics and functioning chain securing loops (photo left).

This macro photo also shows up the plastic layering of my 3D print. It could have been smoothed with sandpaper to represent the metal construction of the prototype. But, it is not noticeable at normal viewing distance so I left it. For wooden structures it is passable as wood grain!

Sprung buffers use an adaption of the simplistic Peco method. Springy steel wire locates in a notch at the end of the buffer shank and passes through a hole in the coupling hook back end. Outward travel limiter is 1mm wire sealed in a hole in the shank with both ends extending beyond the shank (just about see it in the photo behind the headstock).

Chassis compensation uses the rocking yoke method explained here.

This time I used a wheel set made by Peartree Engineering bought off an ebay seller. It is IMHO better than the Peco offering because it is black all over, weightier and cheaper. In fact, additional weight for wagon stability need not be added to the chassis, which is a blessing for this low profile wagon.


Plastic : £1.20
Wheel set : £8.75 (including postage)
extras: pennies

Total: <£10

Also available from the trade: Peco Parkside Kit: About £33.

Design References

See links in text above.

Next up is a container load for this wagon.

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