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Wednesday, 7 August 2019

0 Gauge Conflat Container Type A

The A container is half the size of the B container. I have 00 gauge models of the B container so, to model the smaller one for 0 gauge provided greater motivation. and it requires less plastic, thus cost.

I found a drawing and example on the web (see references below).

The box shape should be simple to make but I saw difficulties ahead due to the extensive detail of the panels. I tried to 3D print the panels with their narrow boarding twice but the print quality was very poor. On the verge of giving up and making it in paper and board I discovered that a small number of the prototypes had panels made from plywood with a pressed steel end. This was easy for the 3D printer to fabricate.

The livery is my own 'faded bauxite' mix of Humbrol 100 with a little 160 and then weathered with black and white pastel scrapes.

As with the wagon the chain securing hoops were made functional using phosphor bronze wire.

The decals were designed and printed onto sticky paper.

The large information panel required extensive research to identify data that could be read in a photograph.

I gave the container the same identification number (A3705B) as that in the reference below.

The shackles were very fiddly to make from 0.5mm galvanised wire and are rather crude compared to proprietary offerings. They can be applied and removed from container and wagon to operate the wagon with or without a container but they are delicate and I can see I may need to permanently fix the container and shackles to the wagon if they break due to handling.


Container A3705B photos
Container A photos and drawing


Plastic: £0.42
extras: pennies

Total: < £0.50

A variant of the container type A is available in kit form (Slaters Plastikard, about £13) and shackles (CPL Products, about £8.75)

Next up is a BR Box Van.

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