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Friday, 16 November 2018

A Model Railway - Coaling Stage

The loco coaling stage is made using the same method as the station platforms and coal staithes.

I thought about a coal retaining wall around three sides but found that this was not always applied, e.g. Okehampton shed. The coal was simply heaped up on the stage and presumably a lot of clean up went on for the overspill.

Some sites had an ash pit in the track alongside the coaling stage but at smaller yards, like Seaton and Lyme Regis, only an inspection pit was provided inside the shed. I have not modelled this as it would be barely visible from the normal viewing position outside the model shed.

The Engine Shed and Water Tower* can now be placed to complete the locomotive yard. The location of the loco yard next to and at the end of the station platforms is based on that at Seaton, Devon.

*The standard card kit has been super detailed with lamp, tap and other fittings.

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