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Friday, 26 October 2018

A Model Railway - Loading & Cattle Dock

Entrance to the loading and cattle dock is through a 5 bar gate set in a four bar fence line.

The fence is Hornby R537 and the gate DIY 3D printed. Both are painted in BR(S) building cream. Each section of fence has a thin piece of wire glued to the ends. The wire extends into the ground to hold the fence upright. The gate and its hinge post are one piece held upright by the post that extends into the ground. Rotating the post opens the gate.

The cattle dock is my own kit of 3D prints. The posts are simulated bullhead rail with moulded in planks between. Gate latches are formed from brass wire. Short lengths of plumbers hemp representing straw are scattered and glued to the ground.

The cattle dock was designed from a plan of the Wool, Dorset installation. Colouring is unknown but Googling cattle docks came up with a selection in black, brown and white. I opted for black.

This loading dock next to the station bay road, including angled fence line, is very similar to that once at Lyme Regis, Dorset.

With the platforms and station forecourt finished (apart from super detailing, which will be carried out when the basic landscaping for the whole layout is complete) the Country Station Building can be placed.

To Part 7.

To Part 1.

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