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Thursday, 27 September 2018

A Model Railway - Baseboard #2

The vulnerable foam edges of the insulation boards need to be covered for protection. I used eighth inch hardboard stuck to the foam with PVA glue. The sides and underside were painted with household emulsion white just to make it look more appealing than bare hardboard.

I thought about removing the aluminium foil from the railway side of the boards as I intend to glue down a paper track mat, which I know would stick to foam with PVA glue but not sure what to use for foil. As I researched this I read that the foil forms part of the board strength and rigidity. Removing it could cause the board to warp over time. However, having fixed rigid hardboard panels to the sides this is unlikely to occur. Therefore, the foil could be removed except it is firmly fixed and may damage the foam if peeled off. I'll need to find an appropriate glue to stick down the track mat.

The boards are held together with the hinge and removable pin method. Pull out the pin and the boards separate for ease of transportability.

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