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Thursday, 26 April 2018

LSWR No. 1 Goods Shed - 4

The chimney breast in the prototype is a curious arrangement. Above the roof line it is square and beneath the roof line triangular! On close perusal of the drawings it became apparent that the chimney being flush with the outer walls is pretty much contained within the thick walls of the building and the breast within the building is forward and angled simply to afford space for the fireplace

The canopies are now built - at the third attempt. Part of the issue was the dimensions on the North Cornwall plan and those on the book plan are different, which was not obvious to begin with so I mixed dimensions from both before realising this. In the end I only used the book plan

The rail to canopy height on the model has been set for code 100 track that is about 5mm tall including sleeper (e.g. Peco brand). The building overall is a little taller than the plan to accommodate this. It will be fine for code 75 as well but if packing is used under the sleepers, e.g. preformed foam ballast, then check the fit and raise the building ground level if there is nterference with rolling stock.

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