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Saturday, 3 March 2018

4mm Scale Corfe Castle Station Building - 10

Two annexes for the Station Master's residence.

The stone annex is a storeroom. I started making this first and when it came to designing the wooden entrance lobby discovered that I made the store room too low. It is that lobby roof jutting into the storeroom that is critical. It has to blend into the incline of the store room roof  and not sit above it. Consequently I had to discard and remake the store room but was able to reclaim the roof.

Part of the issue was my reference drawing that is inaccurate w.r.t. the lobby compared to actual dimensions I have to hand.

The lobby architectural style is way out of character with the main building and is probably a latter addition. It is a private entrance to the house from the garden.

A little more detail - first aid stretcher cabinet.

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