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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

35th BNHMRS expo.

The problem with frequently visiting model railway shows is that you'll come across layouts seen at other exhibitions. That was the case at this show for several have already featured in my postings, being high quality layouts. This makes the job of choosing a new personal best in show difficult. I had been around the whole exhibition feeling disappointed that none stood out for me. (Of course, what is appealing is down to personal taste and for me it's layouts that look realistic with fine details.)

The last layout seen held my attention for some time and receives my best in show, which for the first time matched the official judges choice too. It is Lower Exbury (P4), one of only two finescale layouts at this show I believe, and in that is the clue as to why it won. Finescale means realistic looking, to scale.

At first glance it appears a minimalist layout that you might quickly pass by but study it closely and little cameo scenes surprise and delight the viewer.

Here is one, an exquisitely painted 4mm scale figure.

Another layout of note not seen before is Brixham Bay (N). The origins of the model has an interesting back story that I'll not go into here. Ask the exhibitor if you see it at a show.

I choose it because of the back scene design. I assumed it was a photograph, as is the trend,  but learnt it is an oil on canvas painting created by the modeller that took a year to create! Not only a skilled modeller but an artist too.

Photos Copyright 2018: Ed Smith.

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