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Monday, 4 September 2017

Andover Modelex 2017

This exhibition spanning two halls of a school had the usual mix of high quality model railway layouts of various gauges and territories.

Three that stood out for me were Melton Mobray (North) (N gauge), a long layout noted for its many but, uncluttered scenes of people in realistic static poses.

The second was St. Martins Wharf (7mm scale) - shown below. A good atmosphere was created by the nicely modelled landscape and buildings.


My best in show goes to 'End Of The Line', another 7 mm scale model but quite compact. Narrow gauge trains from an off stage, unseen coal mine (I assume) bring in loads of coal that unload into a hopper for conveyance into a lorry via a moving conveyor belt. Under radio control the lorry transports its load over the road network and off stage. Apart from the road and rail movements that attract attention the landscape is almost barren, which adds to the air of realism.

Trade stands were a bit sparse in my view because I found nothing on my shopping list.

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