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Friday, 7 October 2016

Project 16 - Crewkerne Tunnel Pt. 2

One of my pet hates is modelled tunnels where the hill top is just a tad higher than the tunnel mouth and to make matters worse a town is built on top! It's just not authentic.

At Crewkerne tunnel the hill is tall, steep and unpopulated. On my model the hill (A) is cut down but still tall, taller than looks from this angle, and the top is left open because it is above normal viewing eye level.

A removable side panel for access (D) is held in place with one magnetic latch.

This view shows the depth of the interior walls (C). It is not the normal viewing angle, which is between B and D, and with the embankment (B) now in place there is even less scope to view the portal, let alone inside it.

The embankments are my usual build method of polystyrene foam blocks covered in Plaster of Paris bandage. The surface is then smoothed over using Wickes wood filler.

Just showing on the far right is the side wall of the other portal on the Hewish Gates side of the layout.

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