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Friday, 21 October 2016

Project 16 - Project Finished

I end this series where I started - with a track plan. Not a speculative sketch as in Part 1 but a satellite image of the completed layout.

The build has taken about 10 months work comprising a few hours hobby time per week. Baseboards, most buildings and trees are reused from the previous layout. If they had to be made from scratch it would have added another couple of months to the project.
(click image to enlarge it)

Now I need to run trains in earnest to get used to the new track layout, especially shunting operations.

Some loose ends to tidy up. I want to remake a couple of videos to replace those filmed on the previous layout and my main website will be overhauled to reflect this rebuild. I also want to go through all Blog postings and remove out dated ones.

After that I have new model railway projects in mind, which will undoubtedly appear on this Blog, if they take off.

Feel free to comment on any of the postings in this series.


Just to show that a layout is never really finished this is a Calf Float that I subsequently knocked up. My own designed 3D printed kit with printed paper overlays.

Calf Floats were used to convey calves and small animals between the cattle dock pens and rail wagons.

A preserved example is on display in the Train Story museum on the Isle of Wight.

To Project 16 Part 1.

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