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Saturday 13 February 2016

Project 16 - Up Line Operational

Regular followers will know about enhancements I  made to Peco track to make it look more authentic for 4mm scale. I don't mean the current work on Misterton, which uses 3D printed sleepers, but earlier work for Hewish Gates that retained the Peco sleepers. The most significant change was to space out the sleepers.

This week I learnt that Peco intend to introduce code 75, 00 gauge Bullhead flexi track in 2016 and maybe Bullhead turnouts later. Guess what - the track "will feature proportionally greater spacing between the sleepers". This is very good news indeed. I have one concern though looking at their CAD drawing. The rail chairs include the characteristic oak key but it does not protrude beyond the chair, so typical of the prototype. I hope Peco change in this respect.

Now I have both main lines running I shall take a break from track laying and focus on fabricating station platforms.

To Part 8.

 To Part 1.

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Unknown said...

Awesome rake of coaches look forward to the scenery now, ;-)

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