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Thursday, 24 October 2019

0 Gauge Class 33 Scratch Build - Part 4

The raw body shell is in place, held to the chassis with one central nut and bolt. There is a lot of finishing and detail work to do, which will be done after the roof is permanently fitted (roof still in development).

I have four model magazines with Class 33 articles. On perusing these again after printing the body, I discovered in one article the comment that the cab sides taper towards the nose. I had not accounted for this. It is not on the plan drawing I am using and it is imperceptible in photographs of the prototype as it is only about a one degree angle. Fortunately, I made the body sides thick enough to form the taper by sanding it, which has thinned the sides by half at the nose. Like the prototype it is imperceptible on the model. Why bother doing it? That is a good question, I guess it would niggle me every time I looked at it if it was not present on such a large part of the model.

I have also been designing and printing some of the details to be added later. I am particularly pleased with the radiator grill and the roof fan turned out well to.

The fan will be driven directly from a small motor. Running off only 1.5V. It spins less vigorously than if a higher voltage was used, which the motor is capable of.

The wire safety mesh of the grill was cut from a nylon mesh bag used for small gifts like wedding favours. This one had a yellow tint. I turned it black by sponge dabbing black acrylic paint over both sides taking care not to block the holes with paint. The green bar across the middle will be over painted with a pale grey coach line after fitting to the body.

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