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Friday, 24 May 2019

0 Gauge SR 12T Box Van

The Peco chassis kit for a mineral wagon is a close match to the early 9ft wheelbase SR box van. To be more accurate it needs to be extended from 114mm to 122.5mm and the bufferstocks extended to the floor width.

The extensions were fabricated and glued to the solebar, bufferstock and floor at both ends. The 8 wagon side supports on the floor (one shown circled red) are removed since the van body sits on top of the floor and not on these.

Body sides and roof were designed in CAD and 3D printed. The complex curve of the roof was an interesting design challenge. I design in 3D modelling mode that uses geometric blocks rather than a 2D drawing. The curves were measured from a plan of the van (see references below) and then "drawn" using a variety of cubes and cylinders that are added or subtracted to make the shape.

The body angled iron is formed from paper strips. After fixing they are covered in superglue to stiffen.

I intended to use waterslide transfers for the wagon numbering but found that printing on sticky back paper is unobtrusive for 0 gauge and easier to use.

My goods train is getting longer!


Peco chassis and spoked wheels: £25.75 (Discounted RRP incl. postage)
Plastic: £0.58
Extras: pennies.
Total: <£27.

This wagon is available as a proprietary kit (Parkside about £33)


Wagons of the Southern Standard Box Van - Railway Modeller December 1970.
Wagon Page Southern Vans - Railway Modeller March 1971.

Next up is an open wagon.

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