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Thursday, 13 December 2018

A Model Railway - Lineside

Moving into the countryside the railway is bounded by a 3 bar fence (Dapol CO23) that wraps around the Platelayer and Tool huts. The static grass here is kept short (2mm) to minimise fire risk from cinder spitting steam engines.

The fields either side of the fence presently show a bright green painted base layer for static grass landscaping (to be applied).

The home signal gantry has offset signals. The lower is for the bay platform and the taller for the main platform. There should be a ground disk on the gantry for the goods siding that is just beyond the crossing. The signal gantry is Ratio UQ/80 LNER upper quadrant, which is similar to LSWR lattice signals.

Another gantry of starting signals is located at the end of the platform.

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