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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Farnham 43rd Expo. Oct 17

I was not too fussed about going this year but as little bro' was keen I tagged along for company - and I'm glad I did. Farnham is one of the larger shows in the south spanning 4 halls of an Aldershot school.

Why I enjoyed it was because of the standard of modelling that seems to be going from strength to strength. Most layouts were clearly built for exhibition and staged in a very theatrical manner.

Very difficult to choose a best in show. All of these shown here deserve high merit. But, I opted for Wadebridge (2mm finescale) simply because I fell in love with the Cornish town on visiting it this summer. We stumbled upon remnants of the station building (1st photo above) and Goods shed that oddly are now surrounded by housing. Here on this fine model can be seen the entire railway environs as it once existed and it is a much larger complex than I imagined. A fair part of the town is included, parts of which we had walked including the bridge over the river Camel.

Other exhibits of note:

 Denton Brook (7mm scale) is in the same vain as 'End Of The Line' reported in the Andover Expo. review since it too uses remote control vehicles. This time a  lorry and crane that is capable of moving cable drums without human intervention.
Arigna Town (7mm scale) very picturesque.

Addison Road (0 gauge). Yet another from the larger scales. They seem to have won my heart at this years show. This is a deep layout backed by a most impressive line of London terraces. In fact only half are shown in the photo. In front is the station throat. Not all of the platform length is modelled. The break is cleverly disguised by the station building footbridge.

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