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Sunday, 5 February 2017

Project 17 - Night Scene

I decided against magnets to hold the shed down as they would be visible inside this open structure. Instead I glued 1mm wire into each corner. These pass through the baseboard and are bent over in an arc at the rear to hold the shed tight to the baseboard. If I need to remove the shed I just bend the wires straight again.

Some fine looking green pendant lights were purchased from a Chinese supplier on eBay. Three inside the shed and one over the entrance and another inside the Staff Room. All are wired in parallel to two 1.5V batteries housed in a battery box with integral on/off switch. No resistors are necessary when powering from 3V total.

The night sky is an artwork stitched into the photograph. Later on the space behind the wall will be filled with tall trees in Autumn leaf.

Below is the scene in daylight.

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