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Friday, 13 May 2016

Project 16 - More Signals

The single Down Home and Up Starter Signals were reclaimed from the previous build. They are both Ratio products that have a remote control mechanism, basically a sprung crank operated by string pull. I modified 12V relays to provide electrical signal control from push buttons.

The movement of the relay actuator arm operates the crank but to achieve sufficient arc a long extension was added to the actuator.

This completes all signalling requirements for the layout. Some may question the absence of ground discs for turnouts that are under signal box control. The fact is the 12 lever capacity of the type 1 Signal Box used at Crewkerne did not have sufficient room for ground disc levers. Trains using the sidings were waved on by hand from the signalman. Ground disks were introduced when the Type 1 box was replaced by a modern, austere box in 1960. Whilst the period of my model is 1960s I prefer the style of the Type 1 box so, I have adopted pre 1960 practice for signalling.

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