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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

My Hornby Class S15

I wanted this class of mixed traffic locomotive for a very long time because it was common on my stretch of modelled line. Back in the 1980s I looked longingly at the DJH kit, which I think was the only supplier for an S15 in 4mm scale, but it was expensive and could not be afforded at the time.

Many modellers have craved for an S15 and it featured in published wish lists. Now Hornby has just released it, presumably in response to demand. My dreams have been fulfilled and I got one. It is the most expensive locomotive model I have ever purchased but costs well below the DJH kit, once the motor/gearbox and wheel set addons are taken into account.

I have already enhanced it with head code disks, cosmetic screw link coupling, crew and a Zero 1 chip. which fitted easily in the tender connecting to the DCC socket therein.

The accessory pack was tricky to fit, as usual. The front steps had to be set back further than designed so that the wheels did not interfere on my 800mm radius curves.

About making head code disks.

About making cosmetic screw link coupling.

About fitting a Zero 1 chip (class 700 but same idea),

 N15 and S15 (below) - Spot the Difference.
(one is green and the other black, Doh)

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