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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

A Few Additions to Hornby 700

First up is the loco crew. I was put off buying a crew by the price of Hornby's driver, fireman and vacuum pipe set at over £6 and to be fair the seated driver in the kit would not fit the 700 cab correctly anyway.

I dug out my box of Airfix people from decades ago and modified a couple to fit the locomotive.

The fireman was originally an old man with a walking stick. I gave him a head transplant from a railway worker and turned his walking stick into a shovel with a square of paper stuck to the stick.

The driver was a standing railway worker. I cut off his legs and fabricated sitting ones from sleeved copper wire. He is sitting at a slant because I wanted him to look out of the cab side window.

This view shows the pair in the locomotive. I used PVA glue to fix the crew. It is just strong enough to hold them in place enabling removal without damage or marking of the locomotive.

Another addition is the head code disks for the Waterloo - Exeter route. You can read how they were made here. They are fixed using double sided tape so they can be removed without damage or marking of the locomotive.

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