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Wednesday 3 September 2014

GBL BoB - Part 7

More detailing described in this post.

Up first is the safety valves, a significant and noticeable part of the roof but sadly missing completely from the GBL model and presumably the Hornby variant that it was copied from.

The safety valves and surrounding housing is a white metal casting from Regent III of Coventry. Bought it from a trader at Andover Modelex. I can't find Regent III on the web but RT Models have the exact same part. All I needed to do was accurately cut a rectangular hole in the roof to accept the implant. I also took the opportunity to beef up the T shaped whistle with plastic card. It was just a whisker on the GBL model. I had a look at the roof of 34007 Wadebridge in a video and noted these parts were black with grime instead of shiny brass so I have coloured likewise.

Moving down the loco the next photo shows fitted loco crew (Langley models) and window glass. The latter cut from transparent plastic packaging.

Next we have the head code disks for the Waterloo -Exeter route.

Finally, below deck, are the cylinder drain pipes. These are made from copper wire and butt glued to the cylinders. I think this is a bit too fragile and when they break off I'll remake them and drill some holes in the cylinders for insertion. That will be stronger. The pipes stick out sideways more than they should to allow the bogie to negotiate model track curves without interference.

To Part 8.

To Part 1.

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