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Saturday, 10 March 2012

BNHMS 2012 expo

Armed with a shopping list for our 'n' gauge project Cliddesden, our visit this year was focused on the trade stands, which happily met most of our immediate needs. We have sufficient stuff to move the project forward over the next few weeks.

I hardly paused at the 4mm layouts (my main interest) as I sought out the 'n' gauge layouts to see how Cliddesden may look when completed.

Recently I built from scratch a row of four terraced cottages in 'n' gauge, which was demanding enough. I was taken aback by this scene on Meacham (photo) of an entire urban estate of 'n' gauge terraces. A mammoth building project for someone I guess!

Before the show I checked out the exhibitor list and found a name that rang a bell - Flockburgh. This is the layout of Phil Parker, who's blog I regularly follow. Just had to seek him out and say hello. He gave a boost to my ego as he knew of me and followed my/this Blog. All I need now is to bag Chris Nevard and I would have met the two most prolific and influencial UK commentators in the Blogasphere. (In my opinion).

Unfortunately, had to cut our visit short as my grandson (age 2 and a half) decided enough was enough (He does like trains, honest - one of his first words was choo choo).

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