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Sunday, 28 January 2018

4mm Scale Corfe Castle Station Building - 3

An engine shed and water tower from The Swanage Railway are available from my card kit catalogue. I expected to use the same Purbeck stone decoration from their designs for Corfe. However, the shed and water tower comprise random sized blocks resulting in uneven mortar runs. At Corfe the blocks are more uniform and the mortar runs are straight. This has caused me to design a new stone decoration paper for Corfe.

By the way, I am using is Epson Durabrite ® Ultra printing ink for excellent colour retention.  Some of my own models are seven years old and show no sign of colour fading.

The windows in this assembled model are 3D printed plastic with transparent acetate faux glass. The upper sashes are separate parts glued to the frames. For the card kit the windows are part of the kit data file for printing on paper with acetate faux glass.

I'm using 3D printed plastic in this assembled model because it is easier to replicate windows and, arguably, more accurate. The downside is the mechanical CAD design takes me longer than the graphic designed versions for the card kit. This is because the plastic part has 3 dimensional relief, requiring more design effort than the flat paper version.

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