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Friday, 22 December 2017

Project 18 - Jetty (Part1)

Not sure if the prototype Jetty side was perpendicular or inclined back in the early 1960s. For simplicity, and from what I can see in photographs, I opted for perpendicular.

The model jetty could be made from a block of foam board or cardboard. But, the strong, rigid sides of the box reminded me of some 5/16 inch pine board I had to hand so that is what I used.

I had to decide how much of the jetty to show in the box. What influences this is the space needed for the Trawler and two jetty railway tracks. I have not yet decided if the Trawler will be berthed or away from the harbour side so I set the jetty width to allow for both whilst ensuring its width still supports two railway tracks. About 70% of the 40 foot jetty width is modelled.

I used some spare code 100 rail for the tracks, which need to be embedded in the ground. Consequently the top of the Jetty (shown here askew) lies about 3mm below the harbour side when fitted. The ground level will be raised around the rails with DAS clay.

The position of the rail nearest the harbour side was scaled from an aerial photograph and judged to be about 5.75 feet. I believe the 'six foot way' between the two tracks is about 6.5 feet in practise, which the photograph seemed to confirm.

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