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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Project 16 - Roding & Crossing

Cosmetic point roding roller frames and cranks are brass frets by Colin Waite.  I hope they are still available in the market because I may need more, even though they are very fiddly to assemble. He states that they can be made operational but I fail to see the practicality of this.

The rods themselves should be square section but I don't have enough to complete the job. I used copper wire from the outset, of which I have plenty.

Did you know you can straighten copper wire by gripping one end in a vice, the other with pliers and pull. This action also hardens the copper a bit.

After installation the metal work was painted with Humbrol enamel 62 and then dry brushed with matt black.

The rods enter the platform culvert via angle cranks. Here we can also see the signal wire pulleys, which are made from FIMO clay.

The Barrow Crossing, shown below,  is made from 1/16 inch plywood planks mounted on a 1/8 inch cork base.

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