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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Now Here's A Surprise Find

My inlaws discovered hidden in a drawer this mouse eaten 1934 edition of Practical Wireless. Having trained as an electronics engineer and spent my earlier career in the electronics design industry (a real privilege to be working with cutting edge technology) they brought the magazine to my attention and indeed it is a fascinating read.

But what is this at the foot of the cover? An advert for Graham Farish and inside on page 11 a GF advert for a Slot Aerial Filter! Is this the same Graham Farish we know for its range of N gauge models?

Well, according to Wikipedia it is indeed the same company,
".. manufacturer of radio parts and kits entered the model railway business in the late 1940s, after the need for radio sets reduced post World War II."
although the name is now owned by Bachmann.

I'd really like to know how they came to choose model railways as the new business venture, a completely different product line. What did their market research reveal at that time? Perhaps the owner was an enthusiast

This is their handbook and catalogue that I bought in 1969/70. It confirms they started marketing railway models in 1948. Their 00 gauge Formoway turnouts were not too great but the flexible track dimensions were more authentic than the current R.T.R suppliers, until Peco 00 gauge bullhead track becomes available.

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