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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Where Has The Time Gone?

- and what did I do with it?

As we get older time seems to fly by and memories fade but, thank goodness for photographs! Only they can freeze an experience or event in time to be recalled later. Case in point was this morning when I was flicking through a few old photographs. I came across this photo that I had completely forgotten about:

Immediately I was transported back to my youth and my second model railway that I built in the late '60s. The photograph is a 10" x 8" print that I made when I had a deep interest in photography. I set up a temporary photo processing lab in my parents bathroom. Trays of obnoxious chemicals, a developing tank and a second hand enlarger, which never gave me good contrast or sharp focused prints.I have scanned and enhanced the print in my graphics editing application (wish I had that in the '60s!). The foreground out of focus was due to the camera.

The car in the photo is a Husky Sunbeam Alpine that still has a home on my current layout today. Husky was a small range of toy vehicles manufactured by Mettoy Playcraft along similar lines to Lesney Matchbox. They were only available from F.W. Woolworth stores. Do you remember that?

The buildings were all scratch built using card and Superquick papers. Note that these were low relief to save on space. Where did I get that idea? From Railway Modeller of course. All these models are long gone now.

This building is clearly a timber and woodworking shop and the idea for the lengths of timber laid up against the side entrance came from a real shop near home. Nice to see as a boy I observed real life to feed into the design of my miniatures.

P.S. Just spotted the figure stood by the side entrance.

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